Naming Ceremony

Congratulations  on the birth of your precious wee baby or any other addition to the family. 

A naming ceremony is a wonderful chance to officially introduce him/her to your family and friends. This ceremony can
be held wherever you want - such as public spaces or even in your own backyard.   

It's the perfect opportunity to tell those gathered why you chose your child's name, what it means, your wishes for your child's future and asking those present to help you guide your precious child in this world.  We can include some cultural  elements if you wish. 


Whatever you want, I'll work with you to create something wonderful.


Other Celebrations

Life should be celebrated as often as possible - from beginning to end.

Let's get together  to plan your next celebration - this could be a Renewal of Vows or a 'Big Zero' birthday.  If the big wedding thing is too much, then elope!  I'm legally qualified to marry you wherever or however you want - as long as it's in
New Zealand. 

Other celebrations I can help with:

  • Elopements

  • Renewing your Vows

  • Anniversaries

  • Significant Birthdays.


If the occasion is worthy of celebrating, then let’s make sure it's extra special.


Funerals & Memorials

Death and grief - sadly life does
come to an end, sometimes when
least expected. It's never easy saying goodbye to someone you love. 

As your Celebrant I'll assist and guide you and your family through this heart-breaking time.  Together using your words, we'll create a ceremony that reflects your love for them.  

An end of life ceremony is about the person who has died or it can be for someone who is dying if they want a
living funeral. 

I'll be there to support you and your family at this very sad and emotional time.