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Baby Naming Ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?


A Baby Naming Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to gather with your family and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or family member in a relaxed yet structured ceremony with a few rituals, without the full religious ceremony such as a christening or a baptism.

Traditionally this type of ceremony takes place within the first year of a baby’s life and is also a fantastic way to welcome adopted children into a family, or to celebrate when two families are blending into one.

What’s involved in a Naming Ceremony


A Naming Ceremony can take any format you choose and can be held at any location. Some families prefer to hold this at home, inside or outdoors, in a park or on the beach, while others like to book a restaurant or a hall.  It is entirely your choice.

The format can be something such as a simple welcome to the world and announcing how and why you chose these names for your child, to including a blessing or a prayer for your child and family. You may want to make a commitment to your child by stating your hopes and wishes for your child’s future or have other people in your child’s life – like grandparents and/or siblings – take part in the ceremony.

Whether you prefer a relaxed environment or something more formal - it's a  beautiful time to celebrate the newest family member.

Experienced celebrant in creating a Naming Ceremony


As a grandmother and celebrant, I was recently doubly blessed to create and deliver a very personalised and meaningful naming ceremony for our third grandchild and combined it with a celebration for our daughter’s significant birthday. We doubled the love!

While it was a casual relaxed affair with a few drinks followed by an afternoon tea, it was structured and included a blessing,  a reading, messages from the grandparents and a few rituals such as planting a pretty hydrangea, acknowledging nature and the elements.  This was what my daughter wanted – I can include anything you want or people you'd like involved and mentioned.

I look forward to helping you with ideas such as a blessing, special readings or poetry, music or stories to ensure your child is welcomed and introduced to your family and friends in a warm and relaxed way that reflects you - her/his parent/s and family.

My fee for this service varies - starting at $400.

Please either Contact Me or email me on or text/call me on 027 283 2273 to find out more about how I can create a Naming Ceremony for your new family member.

Ingrid Saxton Wellington Celebrant
Ingrid Saxton Wellington Celebrant
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Ingrid Saxton Wellington Celebrant
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